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What Is The SWICH Score?

Your SWICH Score measures the percentage of money you spend at socially responsible businesses that are better for you and your community

Daniel’s SWICH Score

Helping build local economies


(out of 100)

$$ that support businesses better for...

  • 70%


  • 30%


  • 90%


  • 56%


  • 60%


How Do We Calculate Your SWICH Score?

It’s not that complicated actually...

And How Do We Assign Scores For Businesses?

Business scores are determined by combining ratings and info from trusted third party orgs...

Some Of Our Contributing Sources / Partners Include:

...and user information

What Does “Better” Mean On SWICH?

What we at SWICH think is “better” (and what is not) is broadly outlined below and is largely shared by our partners and users.

We strongly believe in transparency and people making their own decisions, so check it out for yourself. If you agree with what we think, terrific! If not, you can submit your own scores and use them instead of ours.

What makes us smile?

Businesses with lots of products and services designed to enhance the physical, mental or financial health of you and others

(e.g., bookstores, gyms, juice bars, etc.)

What makes us frown?

Businesses with lots of products and services that frequently result in harming the physical, mental or financial health of you or others 

(e.g., gun manufacturers, fast food, credit card companies, etc.)

What makes us smile?

Businesses that adopt eco-friendly and sustainable practices to produce and provide products and services

(e.g., organic grocers, public transportation, companies that recycle materials, etc.)

What makes us frown?

Businesses that produce or provide products and services that frequently result in environmental harm

(e.g., airlines, butchers, fast fashion companies, etc.)

What makes us smile?

Businesses that are have positive effects on local economies via local sourcing, ownership, and employment

(e.g., farmers’ markets, independent retailers, etc.)

What makes us frown?

Businesses that harm local economies by reinvesting less locally, including shipping jobs overseas or providing products from all over the world

(e.g., chains, public companies, etc.)

What makes us smile?

Businesses that treat their workers well including salary, benefits, training, workforce safety, diversity and ownership

(e.g., lowest salary MORE than $15 / hour, workers coops, sweatshop-free fashion, etc.)

What makes us frown?

Businesses that don’t treat their workers well...or use contractors that don’t

(e.g., lowest salary LESS than $10 / hour, worker discrimination suits, etc.)

What makes us smile?

Businesses that engage in fair, moral play and set good examples to positively impact communities as good corporate “citizens”

(e.g., social enterprises, high-charitable giving, minority-owned businesses, etc.)

What makes us frown?

Businesses that are non-transparent in order to thwart innovation or gain an unfair advantage for their sole benefit

(e.g., businesses engaged in political lobbying, tax-dodgers, large financial institutions, etc.)


How did we get these facts and figures?

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Swich’s founder, Gerald Mitchell, has worked to help small businesses and orgs since 2005

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